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Flowers born of impetuous work

Aesthete and a poet to his soul, Thierry Boutemy is a florist whose innocence and precision show through his work.
His endeavour is carried by his ingenuity and spontaneous creativity he picked up during his bucolic childhood that still colours his production. He made it through a sometimes difficult educational process with diverse tutors and training school from which he grew stronger. Thierry Boutemy eventually realises himself developing a very Natural style. His bouquets take you back to Harvest time memories, carry you away in a fragile or luxuriant Nature, unlock a calm or confused Beauty.
His thoroughness appears in the careful choice of flowers : Mr Boutemy only sells exceptional flowers both in quality and look, impossible to find on just any market or in chain stores. For they are seasonal and hard to grow, his flowers are "precious" also because they mostly come from small traditional horticulturists.
With a schrewd naturalistic craft, he arranges together branches and flowers into creating a piece of Wild one could picture throughout the twists and turns of Thierry Boutemy's dreamlike woods.
Along with the emotion they convey, he cherishes the fragile and ethereal condition of wild flowers, striped from shams, free ! In this instinctive approach, he strives to rediscover the spontaneity of the original gesture and to forget about the stiffness of technical structures.

Thierry Boutemy is French, based in Brussels for over many years. Away from the turmoil of Paris, he finds in Brussels a shelter to greet his quiet inspiration but his talent soon catches up with him. From the moment he met Sofia Coppola on the making of Marie Antoinette in 2006, the greatest international Figures in Fashion, Art and Cinema never seem to cease trusting in his visionary floral arrangements both for their personal and professional projects.

More humbly, Thierry Boutemy's pleasure merely lies in the happy encounter of the people he meets in his Boutique, whom he ventures to depict in knowledgeably sculpted green material we most commonly call a bouquet ! As of today, if you wander by his shop, you might catch a sight of him, evasive and humble craftsman of genius.

Des fleurs issues d’un travail spontané

Esthète et poète dans l’âme, Thierry Boutemy est un fleuriste qui revendique à la fois innocence et rigueur professionnelle.
Son travail est porté par la naïveté et la créativité spontanée de son enfance bucolique, loin les préceptes qu’ont tenté de lui inculquer divers formateurs ou écoles spécialisées. Les bouquets de Thierry Boutemy évoquent la cueillette, la nature, luxuriante ou fragile, la beauté calme ou désordonnée.
La rigueur est le choix consciencieux des fleurs : Thierry Boutemy ne vend que des fleurs d’exception, introuvables sur un quelconque marché ou dans une chaîne de magasins. Les fleurs de Thierry Boutemy sont « précieuses » car de saison et difficiles à cultiver, elles ne peuvent provenir que de petits producteurs traditionnels.
A la façon d’un naturaliste, il arrange les compositions de branches et de fleurs tels qu’il les voit, sauvages et indomptables dans les bois.
Il a beaucoup de tendresse pour l’émotion que transmettent les fleurs des champs, fragiles et éphémères, sans faux semblant, libres. Pour ne pas trahir cet esprit il essaye de retrouver la spontanéité des bas côtés et d’oublier les structures trop rigides.

Thierry Boutemy est un fleuriste français installé à Bruxelles. Parti chercher la tranquillité dans cette ville plus discrète que Paris, il est rattrapé malgré lui part son talent. Depuis sa rencontre avec Sofia Coppola sur le film Marie Antoinette, les plus grandes figures internationales des secteurs de la mode, de l'art et du cinéma n’ont cessé de lui confier les compositions florales de leurs projets professionnels ou privés.

Son plus grand plaisir est la RENCONTRE avec des personnes et LA CREATION de simples bouquets qui leur correspondent!

storewindow opening ceremony​collaborationthierryboutemy @mira van den neste : set designer 

@weareoskar as photographer @barnabéfillion for perfume  @http://mirameblog.tumblr.com for store windows  @thierryboutemy for flower composition  @openingceremony  @jeremydhennin.com for moldboard and Juliette 

thanks to all ! 

Just amaising place

Just amaising place

Nice place to work ;-)

Nice place to work ;-)

Dancing flowerman on water

@girls night out @julianjarrold director 

for marc o’polo 

@villaeugenie @thierryboutemy @vionnet  



opening store massimo dutti dublin @ thierryboutemy @ lydienesvadba photographe - @profirst producer

thierry boutemy florist - Mira van den Este stage design - Matthew Frost director for badoit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQWXDV8VVGk

thierry boutemy florist - Mira van den Este stage design - Matthew Frost director for badoit 


private event - chambord - art direction & production : villa eugenie

private event - chambord - art direction & production : villa eugenie

les sapins des créateurs, 1st belgian édition @ thierry boutemy for siblingfactory

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